Dr. R. Jay Waggoner

Dr. Waggoner has pastored churches for over forty years. He is a Graduate of Marietta College (BA), Temple Baptist Theological Seminary (MRE, M DIV), and Trinity Theological Seminary (D Min). After seminary, he became the pastor of Spencer Baptist Temple in Spencer, WV where he served faithfully for nine years.  More recently, he served Fellowship Baptist Church, in Willow Springs, NC, for thirty fruitful years. 
His speaking ministry reached an average of 31 countries, and 33 states with average downloads of approximately 400 per week on alone.

The Believers Battle With Temptation

The Believer’s Battle With Temptation

The temptation to sin is inevitable. But does that mean we can’t have victory over it? Although every believer is targeted by evil and confronted with temptation that comes in many ways, understanding the principles in God’s Word (as to how we can resist it and triumph over it) will equip and encourage us in our Christian lives. This course is a basic guide to spiritual self-defense. It is theologically sound and intensely practical.

Forgiving And Being Forgiven

Forgiving And Being Forgiven

Forgiving & Being Forgiven concisely presents what the Bible teaches about a crucial matter in every relationship—the need to forgive one another. The author sets this study in the context of some real-life experiences and the research of respected Christian experts in the field. He draws principles from the teachings of Christ Himself and other related Bible texts to make pertinent and practical applications to this challenging aspect of our lives. 

How To Share Your Faith Without Fear - Dr. R. Jay Waggoner

How To Share Your Faith Without Fear

Are you intimidated by the idea of sharing your faith? If so, you are not alone. According to recent research, approximately sixty percent of Christians seldom or never share their faith with others. Is it normal to feel apprehension about sharing your faith? Is it possible to overcome your fear? The good news is that the fear of sharing your faith can be eliminated with the right strategy.

Lord, Teach Us To Pray Book Cover

Lord, Teach Us To Pray

Why is it God does not answer some prayers? How often should we pray? What should we pray about? Why pray at all, if God’s will is inevitable? What are the benefits of prayer? These and many other questions are answered in “Lord, Teach Us to Pray.” Eight key passages where Jesus taught about prayer are examined. What He said about prayer is life-changing.